1971 Benotto (January update)

Things have been undeniably chaotic around here so both work and posts have been few and far between. Sick spouses take precedence over pretty much everything so until we get her restored, bike restoring has slowed to a crawl.

The Benotto has made some progress, in that the frame has been repaired and a new shift lever stop has been installed. It took a bunch of brass to fill the dents but Jake got the bad areas looking really nice again. The frame is now off to paint (finally) so hopefully the bike can be back on the road by spring.

Rossin redone

Done and delivered today is one refinished Rossin. Roland Della Santa did a great re-aligning the frame and Jim Allen from The Cyclesmiths gets credit for the paint. The bike now features Porta Catena, always a neato upgrade on racers drilled for the chain port.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage