1970’s Victoria

There were so many different bike companies during the 1970’s boom. Sooo many. I swear, each time I hear of another brand I think, “Well now I must have heard them all.” But, no.

The name Victoria sounded British to me, but the bikes were actually made in Germany. Shows what I know. This particular one was internally wired for front and rear lights and has a bracket for a generator on the fork. It also was set up for a little wheel lock.

The bike is so original it even sits on its original skinwall tires. They still hold air at “show” pressure and might very well stand up to full psi. If I get off my posterior I’ll take it out for a ride and find out.

Reich Bike

Just in from Illinois comes this single-speed Barando. It might sound Spanish, but the bicycle is actually German-made (we’re guessing in the 1960’s). This functional little “village” bike (the more traditional form of the modern “townie”) is complete down to its tires and tubes. Aluminum fenders (with its bicycle shop badge still intact), European styled chainguard and intricate decals round out the package.

Note the funky airbrushed highlights around the headtube lugs. We should have thought of this years ago. We could have saved a mint in pinstriping.