Sometimes Fluff gets a bicycle

It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does…

Hoo, baby.

We’re recently back from picking up Fluff’s 2022 Steve Potts gravel bike. As far as bike-oriented trips go it woulda been hard to beat our day trip to Etna, Ca. The town was cute as a button, Steve himself was a top-notch host, and some glorious soul had seen fit to put a distillery and a brewery within crawling distance from Steve’s shop.

We received a tour of the Potts compound including a intro to some of his favorite machining tools (all which seem like personalities in their own right). We saw lots of titanium bits as well as various frames in process, along with some of Steve’s newest component offerings. Good stuff, all.

Then came the unveiling nearly two years in the making (thank you, Covid). And what a beauty she was in all her titanium-ness. Like my Della Santa touring bike, the blue highlight matches was Tahoe inspired: unlike the DS, her green wasn’t reminiscent of pine needles but instead green ledger paper (ahh, accountants).

The bike is back home and has been properly kitted out with the new Campagnolo Ekar group, making it one of the most expensive rides around the joint. Even so, Fluff treats it like any regular bike and rides it everywhere, all the time. It’s sitting on the back porch right now, all dusty and dirty and she’s perfectly fine with it.

Meanwhile, it makes me itch. Maybe I’ll detail my Scott mt. bike for the second time this week…