1970’s Gitane Restoration

The latest completed project is this 40 year old Gitane. It arrived a year ago, missing well over 50% of its parts and certainly in need of a redo (“before” photos of the frame at the bottom of the post). Unfortunately, the chrome was too far gone to save, but the bike overall was definitely worth the time and effort.

Thanks to Roland Della Santa, Jim Allen and Chad Kortan for all the help along the way. It sure is nice to have such a great group of friends to pitch in or bounce ideas off. Finally, thanks to Craig Miller for entrusting me with the project in the first place.

2 Comments on “1970’s Gitane Restoration”

  1. Adam b says:

    First of all,I love what you have done with these bikes. Wow. I was told to look into your site from one of the bike shops in reno. I have an old schwinn speed racer that i would like to restore, with a light generator that just stopped working. How do i get in touch to learn more. Thank you- adam

    • Hi, Adam.

      First, thank you for the compliment. I sure do love working on them.

      I’d be happy to chat with you about your bike. Feel free to call anytime. I bet I can get you up and running again.

      775 786-2632

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