Le bébé Gitane

The French have always taken their cycling seriously, proved by the existence of this diminutive Gitane (if it doesn’t look small, see the last photo which, for reference, has a 700c wheel behind it). With a seat tube of 38cm it fits riders as early as 6 years old but still came outfitted with many of the same features  its larger brethren had (drop bars, downtube shifting, narrow, high-pressure tires, etc.)

Ok, so it also has a chainguard, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a poser. Some of the younger Callahan brood gave it a spin around the block, only to come back looking rather wide-eyed and concerned. “Something’s wrong with it. It acted all crazy” was the overall review, which boiled down could be translated as “way more quick and efficient than anything else Dad has ever made us ride.”

Coot even took it for a spin himself and confirmed that it was indeed a snappy ride, perfect for young Tour de France trainees. Sadly, no photos of the test ride exist. Picture one of those circus bears riding a tricycle and you’ve got the gist, though.

(Thanks to Randy at College Cyclery for providing us with a pair of 500mm Hutchinson tires for the bike.)

DSC00424 DSC00425 DSC00429 DSC00430 DSC00431 DSC00432 DSC00433 DSC00434

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