Show-n-Shine 2012

Well, it was another fantastic year at the Hot August Bikes show; lots of bikes and lots of folks looking at bikes.

The Huffman Airflyte Twin-Flex that Ed Gresham and Coot restored some time back placed first in the Antique/Classic Class. On a more sober note,  the “Gresham Flyer”, the first bike Ed built under his own name, won  Best Touring/Commuter, People’s Choice and Best-In-Show awards. As many of you know, this was the bicycle Ed was riding when he had his heart attack and passed away. Being a cyclist first and foremost, Ed was able to get off the bike and get it on its kickstand before he lost consciousness. The thing still looks perfect…

If only Ed could still be here to see how much folks love his bikes. Alas, it was not meant to be, but at least his work continues to be appreciated. The “Flyer” will always be one of the favorites of the collection and will continue to be shown so folks can see just how meticulous and thorough Ed was.