Be-jeweled JC Higgins

This ol’ gal has been in the collection for nearly 20 years. Sometimes Coot will sell one of the collection faithful, though.

This fantastic Higgins is off to its new home, where it will no-doubt be loved and cherished for many years to come.

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2012 NAHBS

I’m just back from the 2012 Handbuilt Bike Show. It was great to see folks I hadn’t seen in years and to look at all the amazing (and wacky) new bikes.

The theme of the weekend ended up being bird watching (completely unassociated with any strange birds seen a the show). Ed Gresham and I spotted three wild turkeys (running along the bike path), a thousand or more crows (some freaky dusk migration seen from the porch of the hotel) and two roosters (one which was in a gas station parking lot and the other which was on a Galmozzi headbadge).

Also discovered while out on a ride were “Climatic Wealth” and ” Mineral Wealth”. If you know what those names refer to, you win a prize, a brand new Buzz Bomb Bicycle perpetual calendar (First five to call it right get one…)

Raleigh International (the bike, not the airport)

Though the International was a step below the Raleigh Professional, we think they ride just as well. On this particular day it didn’t make any difference, though. Coot planned on riding it for a hour, but his thumbs froze off after thirty minutes (yes, he’s without thumbs now).