A street walkin’ Della Santa


Well, the Della Santa returned from the painter recently, so it’s an up-and-runnin’ bike now. Roland refers to it as “a street whore” as he doesn’t usually (like, ever) allow this amount of frivolity and nonsense on his bikes. You know, stuff like,

Ossobuco chainstays with stainless steel inserts (20+ hours of buffing)
Columbus “Star” profiled tubing (wacky!)
“Gambler’s Special” lugs (Diamond, Heart, Spade and Club cutouts)
Campagnolo Portacatena-drilled dropouts
Paint accents galore, like pinstriping, grey panels and white cutout highlights (all which drive Roland crazy. Hehe!)

The bike also hosts an array of interesting, unusual and one-of-a-kind components, including,
Campagnolo Hi-Lo rear hub
Portacatena shifter and chain holder
Cinelli EXA 6-sided bars
Cinelli 1-R “Special” stem (with extra “fixer” bolt pinned into the bar)

Frankly, I love the bike. I do admit it’s not for everyone, but I’ve always wanted Roland to pull out all the stops.That being said, I’ve no doubt ruined it for everyone else who would like their DS pimped out, and for that I apologize. It might be years before he allows anyone to even choose their own color…