Viner refurbishing

This Viner Record Racing showed up about a month ago. It was missing half its original Campagnolo Gran Sport parts and the decals were pretty wiped out. After a tear down and rebuild (plus a host of NOS parts, new tubular tires and new decals), it’s ready for the road again.

2 Comments on “Viner refurbishing”

  1. Bobby Birmingham says:

    Awesome build on the Fuji Touring Series IV. I just scored one on eBay (61cm frame size!!) in great shape with all original components. I am so excited… I’ve been wanting a true 80s touring bike for awhile, and I think I was looking in the wrong place (being constantly turned away by the high price of a decent 83-85 Expedition or Miyata 1000)… then I stumbled on this newly listed Fuji at a great price and jumped on it. From all the reviews I’ve read, I made the right choice. Peace, BB

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