Raleigh redo

I decided to jump into the Raleigh right away, more than anything else just to show that projects do get done around here.

The worst part of the refurb was buffing out the paint. Something about Raleigh black paint makes it very prone to oxidation. It took 5 rounds of buffing and nearly 4 hours, but under all the powder was shiny black paint. Most of the gold striping went the way of the dodo, despite my attempts to save it by taping it off.

In the end there is no good financial reason to spend nearly 8 hours on a plain Jane 3-speed (I ended up taking the bike down to a frame and then back up again).  I don’t regret the time spent, thought. Chalk it up to “preservation” rather than “profit”.

Hopefully I’ll be able to find a new owner who will appreciate this great little Raleigh.


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